You Can Live in Spain Sooner Than You Think

Plenty of people dream of relocating to sunny Spain Ė the land of beautiful beaches, historic architecture and rich, flavorful local cuisines. That is, until they get a glimpse of the legal hurdles that must be overcome in order to take up residency in this stunning country!

Without the right guidance, navigating the complexities of the Spanish immigration system can be overwhelming. Depending on the specific type of visa youíre seeking, you could be required to communicate with several different offices at several levels of government, all while completing copious amounts of paperwork in a language you may not fully understand.

Fortunately, there is a solution Ė the 2013 edition of How to Live in Spain: The Step-by-Step Guide to Settling in Spain!

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New 2013 Edition of
How to Live in Spain:
The Step-by-Step Guide to Settling in Spain

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Hereís what youíll find inside the guide:

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    A detailed, step-by-step process for completing the necessary residency and visa paperwork, whether youíre an EU citizen, a non-EU citizen applying for a work visa, a traveling student or an independently wealthy retiree (plus, how to get your spouse set up as a Spanish resident as well).

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    Sample completed forms, along with handy translation guides to help you master your residency paperwork (even if you arenít yet fluent in Spanish!).

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    A complete listing of local immigration offices in each of Spainís 50 provinces, along with the contact information youíll need to register in your new home.

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    Helpful hints about Spanish culture (for example, do you know how to queue correctly in Spain?) that will make the immigration process go as smoothly as possible.

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    Action-oriented checklists that will ensure you complete the necessary steps in the right order to make your dream of living in Spain a reality.


Donít let a little red tape stop you from fulfilling your dream of moving to Spain! The How to Live in Spain: The Step-by-Step Guide to Settling in Spain manual will take you Ė hand in hand Ė through the process of navigating complex immigration paperwork with ease so that you can begin living the Mediterranean lifestyle youíve always dreamed of today.

The content of this guide is based on my own extensive research as well as my own experiences successfully navigating the Spanish residency system as an expatriate, and Iím confident that it will work for you as well. In fact, Iím so confident youíll find it useful that Iím including a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you donít love the guide, simply contact me within 30 days of your purchase and Iíll return your money Ė no questions asked!

So donít wait Ė act now, and for the low price of 19 euros, youíll get access to all the vital information you need to make your dreams of living in sunny Spain a reality!

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  • commaInnoword's ĎHow to Live in Spainí is exactly what every newly arrived Expat has needed for years. Expert up to date guidance in an easy to understand informative layout. Say good bye to confusion Ė now every Expat can take on Spanish bureaucracy and win! Brilliant.comma

    - Rob Innis, Brit in Spain
  • commaI wish I had known about this guide before I moved here! The process to get all my paperwork in order would have been a lot easier.comma

    - Nicole Jewell, American in Spain